Vikas Kalwani

I'm a Product-led growth marketer and B2B Marketing Specialist skilled in SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. I grow companies and help build scalable revenue-generating products. I am a two-time startup founder and now actively mentoring portfolio companies of 500 Global and Newchip Accelerator.

I come from a technology background (Master of Engineering in Communication Systems from Bits Pilani). I learned how to build and market products through continuous experimentation. My primary domain is growth (including product-led growth), but I don't hesitate in sharing my thoughts on product and business strategies.

Here's a tool I built which lets you view tweets by top Internet Marketers, Technology Influencers, and Serial Entrepreneurs in real-time. Check out the "Tweet-Wall".

I met a really sweet dog at my college, named him Bear, and got him home. Bear likes going on long walks. He often barks at stray dogs. A few of my relatives are extremely scared of Bear. See for yourself!

bear kalwani

I love playing and composing music. Here's an instrumental named Road Trip I composed a few years ago!

Working With

  • uSERP  
    Director of PartnershipsDecember 2020 - Present
  • 500 Global  
    MentorJuly 2020 - Present
  • Techstars  
    MentorMarch 2022 - Present
  • Newchip Accelerator  
    MentorMay 2020 - Present


  • Master of Engineering
    Communication SystemsBirla Institute of Technology & SciencePilani, 2013 - 2015


  • BADIR: Hands-on Business Analytics
    Aryng AcademyFebruary 2020

Featured On

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My Guides

twitter marketing Twitter is a powerful platform for building your personal brand and strategically marketing your products and services. Learn how to make the most out of Twitter.
quora marketing You must be thinking Quora is just a platform for answering questions. You're wrong! It is much more than that. Learn how to generate quality traffic from Quora.
pinterest marketing Think of Pinterest as a search engine. Think of pins as web pages and boards as directories. Learn how to optimize your pins and boards to be found on Pinterest.

Key Competencies

search engine optimization Search Engine Optimization
data analytics Copywriting
content marketing Content Marketing
growth hacking Growth Marketing
product marketing Product Marketing
email marketing Email Marketing
product management Product Management
business development Product-Led Growth
Product Design, Messaging, Vision, and Optimization Product Design, Messaging, Vision, and Optimization
brand management Social Media Marketing
influencer marketing Influencer Marketing
technical writing Technical Writing


  •   Built 2000+ backlinks from quality websites including and
  •   Built a network of 1000+ active link builders and guest bloggers.
  •   Pioneered in raising $1.6m for imusify by executing the Bounty Program.
  •   Increased's website traffic by 300% via Reddit in a week.
  •   Grew's online presence via Social Media by 50% (made Java tweet about
  •   Grew Mirakee's Community (@writersnetwork on Instagram) from 0 to 69K in 9 months.
  •   Signed up 3500+ early adopters for Mirakee's product launch.
  •   Collaborated with 1000+ influencers in the B2C space from around the World.
  •   Onboarded 100+ writers on the Pinterest board "Writers of Mirakee".
  •   My first startup saved 5 pets. (Know More)


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consumer internet Consumer Internet
SaaS Software as a Service
IoT Internet of Things
data analytics Data Analytics
artificial intelligence AI/ML
blockchain Blockchain
aviation and spae Aviation and Space
gaming Gaming
data science Data Science


flight simulation Flight Simulation
music composition Music Composition
creative writing Creative Writing
wathing doumentaries Watching Documentaries
e-learning E-Learning
mentoring startups Mentoring Startups