7 Ways to Increase Revenue with Explainer Videos

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The marketing landscape has shifted from using written copies to incorporating video content in the past few years. Video marketing strategies have proven to be one of the most effective campaigns to date, as most internet users are now accustomed to watching online videos.

According to Cisco, video content has occupied about 82% of internet traffic in 2021. That means users enjoy consuming online videos more than indulging in articles, short texts, and other similar written forms. With this in mind, marketers agree to start using videos as their primary tool to promote a product or service.

The video marketing strategy itself has many forms, even though not every video is a part of this marketing tactic. Some popular forms, including explainer videos, how-to videos, and testimonial videos, are easy to find in every business’ marketing campaign. That indicates how powerful these types of video content are for their promotional move.

Every video has its own purposes and goals. However, if you’re looking for a complete package yet useful content at every stage of your marketing funnel, explainer videos are your best bet.

Why Should You Use Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are designed to deliver complicated and sometimes too complex information about a product or a business itself so that people can easily understand. In short, these marketing videos are great for explaining messages that people find hard to digest.

That’s why a business needs an explainer to help them convey product knowledge and promotional messages a lot easier. Not only that, explainer videos can benefit more to the company when applied correctly. Here are three major reasons why they are so effective in every marketing strategy.

Capture attention

We know that a picture is worth more than one thousand words, but wouldn’t it be better to have a video instead? A moving image captures the audience’s attention much faster and can serve as many pictures in one.

For example, suppose a marketer posts something with text on social media like Facebook or Twitter without any type of visual aid. In that case, someone else may interpret the message differently based on their own background knowledge, which might cause confusion along the way.

Drive more engagement

Social media accounts are important for businesses today. They connect your business to potential customers and allow you to share content online easily. Videos are essential content on social media platforms, hence having videos will help you connect with a new audience every day.

The reason is that uploading videos on social platforms help reach a larger audience since they can quickly discover the video via scrolling through their feeds or sharing it with friends at once. Having more people access your content will significantly improve your engagement rates.

Increase conversion rates

Explainer videos are equipped with a call to action, which prompts viewers to take the desired immediate action. This highly engaging video content will ask people to do a certain thing that benefits your business.

The call to action can generate leads and turn them into customers faster. So if you’re looking for ways to collect more leads as a new business, explainer videos are one of the best ideas to use so far.

7 Ways Explainer Videos Increase Your Sales

Generally, there are two different styles of explainer videos that you can find on the market. First, there’s an animated explainer video that uses animation and characterization to deliver messages, and the second is the live-action version.

While both styles are meant for different goals, they are highly effective for spreading out the words. However, both versions share the same technique for attracting a new audience in a short time.

1. Share valuable messages

The value of a video lies in its ability to deliver messages with a specific emotion. That’s why marketing videos perform better at generating outcomes compared to other forms of content marketing campaigns. You can use emotional narration that appeals to your audience with a video.

An explainer video works best on this expertise. Not only does it let you pull off an exceptional visual sequence, but it also lets you put designated tones in the storytelling so you can connect with your audience’s emotions too.

When people resonate with the message of your videos, they will remember the content easily. A captivating message will last longer in their mind, so whenever they stumble upon similar visualization, they can associate it with your business.

2. Make your brand authentic

Using explainer videos will not only boost your sales, but they help you build trust from scratch. Since most marketing videos often look too promotional, explainer videos aren’t anything like that. They help people understand new products or services in a meaningful way.

Since they aren’t ads, prospects take explainer videos as more informative content, allowing them to understand your business easily. In this way, explainer videos can help sell things because they naturally highlight what makes your products unique rather than simply pitching something from on-high (i.e., traditional advertising methods).

3. Make your video shareable

People are more likely to share videos that tell a story or tug on their emotions. It is important to note if you want your video to be shared across social media, then make sure they meet the criteria for great storytelling and emotional connection with the audience.

If you want to make your explainer videos easy to share, make sure to optimize them for different social media platforms. Also, do not forget to make your video mobile-friendly since many internet users access everything from their phones.

So, the key to make shareable content is to ensure its easy-to-access from multiple platforms while also sharing meaningful messages that the audience can relate to.

4. Use optimal video duration

Why is length so important? When creating a video, it’s crucial to consider the amount of information you want people to retain within the video.

If you only include 3-4 key points in your videos and leave out unnecessary details, viewers are more likely to be intrigued by your brand. This means they will watch all or most of your content.

On the other hand, if you make a longer video duration without putting essential information from the very beginning, most people will find it boring and consider leaving your content. Keep in mind to make an explainer video no less than two minutes long.

5. Optimize for SEO

Explainer videos are a great way to make your website more eye-catching and increase the amount of traffic it gets. Google has rules for websites to get ranked.

Including explainer videos on your site will help you score the SEO better because they allow you to show credibility as a business. Videos can also improve user experience by giving them something engaging that requires little commitment from their side. Instead of reading through pages upon pages about what you offer, they can watch only 1 minute long clips in order to grasp the main idea of your business.

Most people prefer watching videos to reading articles. However, this isn’t always ideal when trying to change how users view your entire site. Your articles may still be outstanding alone, but using an explainer video will attract all those web visitors who would not read the entire blog post.

6. Retain website visitors

Why do explainer videos catch more attention than text? A video needs less time to understand the message. When visitors are presented with two choices: read an article or watch a short clip of it, they will go for the latter because watching videos is entertaining yet informative at the same time.

There are various benefits of incorporating explainer videos; one would be to decrease misinterpretation that visitors may find when stumbling upon your website. The narration and visuals within explainer videos help viewers understand your messages in a concise way.

People will stay longer on your website after finishing the video and be intrigued to search across your pages to find what their needs are. In short, the video sparks their curiosity about your product or service. Hence, considering making a purchase later on.

7. Include a call to action

There are many reasons why using a call-to-action in an explainer video is important. One reason? It’s not just about pushing your audience to click on the button and go through different pages of your website like you might think it does.

Visuals work well with videos. So if you have the call to action copies or buttons in your videos, people can get intrigued to click the phrases as soon as they have finished watching your content. That’s because they remember what was being described from the visual within your explainer videos.

There are many forms of a video call to action. One example is the audio itself where voice actors speak aloud, creating intention in their words like “don’t forget.” Another good form would be animation or text moving on the screen to urge people into doing what they should next. Thus, it’s important not to overlook writing your video script because you need people emotionally invested.

Bottom Line

Explainer videos are highly effective for company branding and boosting brand online presence. This type of video content has proven to bring more conversion rates and close deals in a way other advertising methods can’t compete with.

Whether it’s animated explainer videos or live-action explainer videos, both share similar values that people would love to watch when compared to other marketing campaigns. That’s why many digital marketers have used this strategy, as it brings great benefits aside from the view of sales, making it one of the best options when planning their marketing strategies.

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