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Consistency is a Growth Hack

"You need to be consistent in the quality, quantity and message your marketing portrays. This will add value to your marketing strategy."

Deepa Rai

Social Media Manager, Selfie VA

Focus on your long term goals

"To me, "clear positioning and simple message that's easier to understand and remember, adding really unique and great value, publishing content daily, influencer marketing, testimonials, able to generate word of mouth, ease of sharing, rewards for referrals" is a long term growth hacking strategy. Short term hacks live short, better to use long term hacks!!"

GopiinadhReddy Thiyyaguraa

CEO, Edoreal

Schedule posts and repurpose content according to the platform

"Repurposing content for different platforms and working with a content calendar for scheduling posts saves time and effort. Content for one platform may not deliver similar engagement on other platforms."


Marketing Analyst, Zoho

Importance of choosing a theme

"Since Instagram is a photo-platform, people judge the presentation as much as they judge the content of a photo. Choose a theme for your grid that reflects your personality/brand and is pleasing to the senses."

Shilpa Goel

Author of "Poetic Letters To God"
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Make your audience comment on your posts

"If you are just starting to produce content for LinkedIn, you should only have one thing in your mind. How could you get people who engage a lot with your content to comment on it? The one or 2 comments your audience post would immediately increase the reach of your post! Create your content in a comment friendly manner!"

Sachin Karthik

Social Media Lead, The Climber

Comment on posts of influencers to capture attention

"Irrespective of whether you're new or a veteran on LinkedIn, indentify the biggest influencers in your domain and put meaningful comments on their posts. The better your comment, the more attention you get to your profile."

Pranjal Poddar

Copywriter, Nielsen

Create content with a goal in mind. It's all about building relationships on LinkedIn

"Before you even start writing content, ask yourself what am I trying to achieve here. Building a brand out of myself or generating leads, once you know what you want, then plan, connect with like-minded personas & set goals, start creating engaging content that asks people to talk about your content. Ask people for their thoughts, comment, like, & share if they find the content useful. It's all about helping each other learn, share, & grow together."

Siddanth A

Head of Marketing, Lyra Infosystems

A Growth Hack with less followers on LinkedIn

"Connect with the people with large follower base & impact. Tag & Ask them opinions. Connecting them to their followers. Opposing the conventional ideas. Mock the idea (not any brand). Use relevant 4-5 hashtags. Like your own post."

Bakulesh Rane

Co-Founder, PrimeCluster Finance

Reply to Most Recent Comments First

"As a content creator, once you've got the basics like The Hook, Call to Action, etc. down, the next step is increasing your reach. And that's where 'Staggered Comments' come in. I usually sort my comments by 'Most Recent' and select a time-frame, say, 1 hour - and reply only to the comments made in the last hour. These help in getting over a lull, and pushes the Algorithm to promote your content in your audience's feed!"

Avni Khajanchi

Founder, The Last of Plastic

Engage before connecting

"Before you connect with someone, it's really important to engage with their profiles. So what do we actually do? We use Texau and Phantombuster to engage with the profiles of people we found through Sales Navigator, you can upload the full list there. Once you have some engagement, some of them will connect with you right away, while with others, it's going to be very easy to connect."

Stefan Repin

Head of Luck, Luckboosters

Have a uni-dimensional approach

"Not a Growth Hack but a general FYI, always remember your core intent behind using LinkedIn and have a uni-dimensional approach. For example, you probably want to promote your business while looking for freelance work, but you can optimize your profile and target content to one segment only for actual results. If you try to put your feet on more than one boat, you won't be going anywhere."

Utkarsh Upendra

Marketing Manager, TSS

Turn off "People you may know"

"The "People You May Know" section of your profile (on the right side) shows your profile competitors. Recruiters or potential clients can visit them from there. You could stop showing these profiles from the settings menu."


Marketing Consultant, Fypion - Marketing & Consulting

Know your audience + Retargeting

"Know your audience. Find solutions to their problems. Create a sales funnel. Create free content and ads around them. Then remarket to those audience to increase the ROAS"

Soumil Agarwal

Sr Associate - Strategy, Eleve Media

Quora Ads - Vast Targeting Options, Innovative Form Ads

"Quora Ads are often overlooked, but can be very powerful, thanks to their vast targeting options. Give them a try if you're reaching saturation with Faceobok and Google Ads. Quora recently released lead form ads as well, so now you can generate leads without taking the visitor off of the platform!"


Founder, GrowthMarketer
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Action-Oriented Subject Line followed by personalized content

"It's important to come up with an action-oriented subject line and followed by a personalized content. The chances of converting shoots up if the email has a personal touch attached to it. "

Yash Khemka

Digital Marketer, PracticeDilly
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"You must have heard this - The safest place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search results! Well, landing your emails in the promotions tab is similar. An authentic, good way to build an email list and land emails in the inbox is to use landing pages & grow your subscriber list via a tool. Don't worry, you don't need to pay for ConvertKit (Create landing pages, grow your subscriber list & Nurture your audience through emails)"

Anish Daga

Digital Marketer, Freelancer

Identify content gaps

"Content and Growth are BFF's. Not every one has the same apetitte to consume the same content. Identify the content gap and curate them accordingly."

Nupur Banerjee

Growth Analyst, Prodigy Finance

Churn Content Every Day

"Content is the king and the kingmaker. Brew out content everyday for 365 days of a year. Resonate with what the audience wants."

Shubham Karne

Digital Marketer, AiAdventures

The Art of Storytelling

"When you create stories, your audience connects and engages, they share it, and that's the biggest organic growth win for a marketer. Speak about their problems, draw a comparison, put emotions, and then let the audience connect."

Ankita Tripathi

Technical Writer, Unbxd
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Focus on your Niche

"One common thread that runs across a number of successful blogs is that they all relate to a specific niche. The world has too many generalists. Try and become a specialist of a certain niche."


Content Marketing Executive, Paperflite
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Find your niche + understand their pain points

"Find Your Niche and create quality content for them. Be consistent. Target their pain points and give them solutions."

Soumil Agarwal

Sr Associate - Strategy, Eleve Media
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Remove Zombie Pages to increase organic traffic

"Zombie pages are pages on your site that don’t bring in any traffic. When you delete Zombie Pages, you can get higher rankings and more traffic from Google. In fact: saw their organic search traffic increase by 88.3% after deleting 40 thousand Zombie Pages from their site."

Swasti Salecha

Student, Institute of Management, Nirma University

SEO is a long-term game - Keep updated with the ranking algorithms

"The Google Algorithm changes continuously. If we ignore these changes, we deny ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow. SEO is long term game & it gets better over time."

Rupali Sarwade

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, Relfor Labs Pvt. Ltd

Focus on Design + Patience is the key

"Your design should be customer friendly and content should be easy to understand even for a kindergarten child because Google only loves you when everyone else loves you. And the most important thing, good SEO works only better with time. So don't worry much in the beginning, just trust your keywords and do lots of permutations and combinations."

Nitesh Jha

SEO Executive, The Federal

Use Wikipedia for Research, Use synonyms to avoid stuffing

"Ideally, it is also advisable to do your keyword research before you start writing the content. You can use Wikipedia to get keyword ideas. Also, use synonyms for your focus keyword to avoid stuffing."

Priya Saxena

Assistant Marketing Manager, Indiabulls LED
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Build a network of link building partners

"Link building is one of the best growth hacks. It allows you to scale your domain authority and rank for difficult keywords faster. Start engaging in marketing slack groups, and build yourself a network of link partners to indirectly swap links and earn a great backlink profile."

Jeremy Moser

Co-Founder and CEO, uSERP
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Leverage Ads to increase organic visibility of your app

"One of the most imp. factors for App Rankings across App Stores is the No.of Downloads. Try incorporating Google Universal App Campaigns/Apple Search Ads in your marketing efforts, these ads have an excellent CPI if optimized properly acc. to the user, this will help in boosting app downloads which in turn will increase the organic visibility & help achieve better overall rankings."

Atif Noor

Assistant Manager - Digital Marketing, BeatO

Rich Formatting on Play Store

"Most ASO Guides will advise you that Long Description for Apps should largely be optimised for keywords. But hold your horses! Have you tried rich formatting on Play Store? Using rich formatting, you can create a visually appealing description. Use emojis and HTML tags like bold, font, h1 to do this. In my A/B experiment, I saw a 15% increase in View-to-Install rates using this hack! Here is a detailed resource on rich formatting"

Aman Dwivedi

Senior Growth Marketer, InMobi

Other Growth Hacking Solutions apart from ASO

"You must be creative and must study your analytics to stay one step ahead of your competition. If you are looking for result oriented mobile app growth hacking solution then it includes - Guaranteed Keywords Ranking, Top Charts, Trending Search, App Category Ranking etc. Apart from App Store Optimization these are one of the best growth hacking solutions."

Abhishek Rathore

ASO Specialist
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